Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Start Wizard – So what does this mean?

One of the first things we ask you to do is to choose the design and layout for your student profile page. We ask you to do this online.  
So, firstly select the design theme you like (double click to see a bigger version of each design).
Then select your book size and orientation (yep, there are lots of options!)
Now tell us what contact details (if any) and which questions you would like students to answer (you can include your own questions).

Finally before you hit the send button, you will see a summary of your choices.
What next?
We will design your page and your account manager email you a PDF version to approve.  We can make changes to make sure it fits the bill!  Assuming we have received a list of student names from you, students can start to complete their profiles online!

Our designers will use your design theme throughout your yearbook (unless of course you tell us otherwise).  

So what are you waiting for... Start Wizard!

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