Wednesday, 28 January 2015

More snow and chilly nights...wrap up, grab a cuppa and crack on with your yearbook!

With more snow on the way, unfortunately the lighter and warmer spring evenings seem even further away!  Look on the positive side, this gives you a chance to really get going with your yearbook!   

Not started yet?  Well grab a pen and paper and make a list of what you want to include:

  • Student profiles?  How much would you like everyone to contribute?  Think about how many students you have and how many profile pages you would like in total.
  • Teacher contributions?  An introduction from the head or perhaps messages from each form tutor?
  • Photo pages?   Which events?  Do you need to collect photos?
  • Articles?  Do you want include write-ups for particular events?  Performances, school trips, sports days...

How much do you think students will want to pay for a yearbook?  Any ideas for design?  If you have any particular content or design ideas and are wondering whether they will work or be possible, email me with your thoughts and I will make some suggestions.  Why don’t I give you a price quote at the same time...
Good luck and keep warm.

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